I hope you'll enjoy this little place.


  Up-Grade~! 08/02/2018  


Today I have activated a new host service larger than the one I had which includes more to more a secure web certificate.

Will go from 50MG to 500GB hahaha of which I use about 500MB.
The web increased so much in size after the MODELS update (left bar that goes from 2003 to 2013).

Upload the photos of the cards, flyers and other photos of the stock doll, occupying those extra 450MB ^^ u
The sections are not finished but I hope to go little by little until before summer. That yes, I will have plenty of space to increase with what I want!

Regards! ^ __ ^


  New Skin~! 15/12/2017  


Today the MODELS section for years of Pullip, Namu, Taeyang, Dal, Byul, Isul, Yeolume and Little is inaugurated.

I took it easy because taking pictures of everything I want to add has taken time. Now it turns out that I was left without enough space on the web and I will need to expand it if I want you to see it complete.

I took the opportunity to modify the buttons of the sections; now they stand out more and the animation / design is more in line with the web in general.

Sayonara ~!

  Limited Edition~! 06/09/2016  


There have been many changes in my life since I started collecting Pullips.
From studying to be working; to be independent to be living as a couple and now ... waiting for a baby! *, *

I am excited about this new stage of my life. Obviously I will hardly have time to take photos and sessions as I have been doing so far. But my small limited edition will require time and love and as you know, when I start doing something I like doing it OK, and it will be my number one priority.

That yes, I will leave on track the last section that I hope soon upload which will not take as much task as creating all the environment or sections. The web will be for a few years with the same skin but I think I have found the definitive one.

A big hug and see you soon!


  Up-Grade~! 10/03/2015  


Organizing the event PullipCon has eaten a lot of my free time, but here I continue with my hobby and my family on the rise.
I had to prioritize things and unfortunately the web I left for the end of the list, so ...

It was time to renew and adapt !!!
As you can see, I have changed the general image of the web again, making it at least for me more practical and quick to update. There were too many different links for each section and every time I updated adding each language, I was hours and hours O, O So I regrouped and only the ads of each model of Pullip, Taeyang, Dal, etc. will remain pending.

I will continue working on it and I hope that visitors enjoy this little corner Pullip.

Kisses ;*


  PullipCon~! 23/01/2014  


I am organizing an event called PullipCon in Barcelona as part of the AKI team.

I always wanted to organize a convention, exhibition, party, design a magazine ... whatever it was! because the web page is made and here I continue with it; but I dedicate myself to large format advertising, fairs and events that tend to be organized in Barcelona or other cities, so the illusion that makes organize something that will be a theme that you like. Imagine!

I am putting a lot of love into the project and thanks to it we will also save a lot of money, which we will invest in improving the material / services, renting the place, welcome-pack, gifts and more for the charity raffle of Pedacito de Cielo ^^
On the other hand I designed the web, I already have the experience of mine with emails and boots, although the latter was not accepted to use at least this year, so it was postponed (cof-cof) But well little by little, if there is a second edition not only I would like to have the 100x100 of the web I designed but also improve the audiovisual section and international image.

The event will have a showroom of great designers of Pullips, exhibition of pictures and images with information on the doll and his family, giant dies to take photos, photo and stand contest, raffle ... and many more surprises! !

You are all notified. Enter the web and inform you about the sale of tickets to not be left without.
We are also social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

Come, we will have a great time!



  Up-grade~! 23/05/2013  


I am still celebrating the Pullip anniversary and for that I have made important changes in the whole web.

Thanks to the new host; The first important change is that the 3 languages ​​are finally accessible: Catalan, Spanish and English !!!
It has cost me a lot because I have added many new sections, areas and extra information in the Tutorial.

You will also see a novelty in "Works" ---> Diorama ^^
I have spent a long time visiting the oriental bazaars in search of furniture, floors, armchairs 1/6 scale ... I have started to create projects that excite me a lot and that I will be hanging in that section. Some dioramas will reach more than 2 meters!

The section that has not given me time to do is that of Pullip Models.
You will see that I added: Namu, Taeyang, Dal, Byul, etc. and my intention is to put your phrases "Feel Like So ..", card, stand, flyer, body type, eye mechanism, body, outfit, box design, ... imagine if it takes work! but I'm very excited to do it, so be patient because doing will be done.

For now enjoy the news and its new skin.

Until next time! :)


  Happy 10º Aniversary!!! 10 years of Pullip 10/02/2013  


To celebrate the premiere of the new Ashe's Room logo, web configuration, emails ... I'm a webmaster! The one of things that I have learned in a short time and how easy the Dreamweaver does it : D

I have also prepared a special logo for the photo sessions that I will make to my Pullip family, which has increased over all these years. If Groove celebrates its anniversary I too! because I am happy to continue collecting them and because I hope that many more years can pass.

Greetings to all and enjoy together your 10th anniversary! ^ _______ ^


  Own Host~! 03/01/2013  


Quick entry to warn that ... I ALREADY HAVE OWN DOMAIN / HOST yujuuuuu !!!!

No advertising spaces and the damn "Galeon" cutrongo ... I just made the registration of the pullip.cat and pullips.cat domains and from a new company I will have my own host and mail accounts in professional plan.

Oish what an illusion! And is that every year the website has been growing, I've been updating it without falling into oblivion, in some forums I have been told that they had seen my website and had helped them a lot * 0 * thank you very beautiful! the illusion that lets me know that it helps and likes ^^
That's why I thought he deserves to pay for the domain, although at the moment the service will be basic. If I have to contract more things or expand space, time will tell.

A VERY big kiss and thank you very much for going through this little corner in the network.


  Today have 6 years!!! :_D 10/08/2012  


To celebrate, I have changed the skin of the entire web and added the languages: Catalan, Spanish and English.

As now almost all the photos I upload to Flickr, I have enabled a link to my account so you can see them.
Another novelty are the changes in the sections such as: works and tutorials that are still in the process of being built.
In WORKS I will be putting basically dioramas that I build and sewing things. In TUTORIALS will be images and information to facilitate those who want to learn to customize or meet curiosities of Pullip dolls.

For 2013 it will be the 10th anniversary of the Pullip and at the same time I will celebrate 10 years collecting and enjoying them. I am curious to know the things that they will bring to celebrate their anniversary.

Happy holidays and thanks to all you come to visit my little doll room during these years! ^___^


  News 14/04/2011  


I have expanded the LIBRARY section with the advertising covers of the Pullips (the ones that used to come inside the box when buying the model). It is a pity that they no longer come with them, and that is that every time Jun Planning made them smaller; first they were triptychs with different photos, then a single one-sided paper, and now not even that ^^ u

I also add photographs from my set collection of Jun Planning. I spent all afternoon taking photos and when I thought it was over, I find another box full of more things XD (what a mess), but since I want to get the set of Innocent World, I'll hang them all together.


  New Skin 24/09/2010  


Hello to everyone! Time has passed but here we continue.

I still had to upload many images (both the sleeves and the photo shoots) and as time passes, I am more aware of the evolution of some of my Pullips and Blythes.

I hope to continue updating as it helps me to have an order of all the dolls.

Until next time ♥


  News 01/02/2008  


New update (> ‿◠) ✌

The BJD section has been extended by the arrival of Hikaru (Yo-SD Tanpopo). While I was hanging up his photos, I realized that I ordered them at the same time (close to my birthday, why would it be?) Hahaha

See you soon ~


  News 07/11/2007  


OMG ~! how many news and changes that have been throughout the course of these last months!
I have been forced to reorganize the web again and clarify the links. I hope so that you can better facilitate navigation.

My idea is not finished yet and it will take time but I will try to do it as soon as possible (I'm so sorry >, <).


  New Skin 25/09/07  


I have decided to give the web a new design with a fresher and more cheerful air. Have I succeeded?

I decided on sunflowers for being my favorite flower, although I have also added almond blossoms ... Ahhh both flowers seem beautiful, difficult choice! that's why I kept both: P

In my room I have a picture of sunflowers. I will once make a photo so you can see it.



  News 17/12/06  


New update with small links changes.

As I think I will be doing photo shoots to the 2 Dal sisters (Chibiusa and Chibi-chibi), I have enabled a special section for them. I would also have to do it with Yoko (Ani KidDelf) but I will do it later, I do not have enough time TT ^ TT

Greetings and have a good day ~ !!! ^ ____ ^


  Hello world! 10/08/06  


My first web page * 0 *

To have learned Dreamweaver in just one morning and on Sunday (which are already winning), I have been better than I expected X_D

It's not a big deal but it already does its job: share with those people the same fondness for Japanese dolls (and so keep an order of arrivals and changes of my family that grows more every day).

Thanks to all of you who are reading me at this time and wish you a happy stay on my little web ^^







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